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DSM: Earn a $15 Movie Gift Card with Swagbucks in Just 1 Week! + More!

DSM: Earn a $15 Movie Gift Card with Swagbucks in Just 1 Week! + More!

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Earn a $15 Movie Gift Card with Swagbucks in Just 1 Week!

Posted: 30 May 2015 07:47 AM PDT

Going to the movies is one of our favorite family rainy day activities in the summer. Whether you prefer the biggest blockbusters or the sweetest romantic comedy, Swagbucks can get you into the movies for free!

Swagbucks is a rewards site that gives you points called “Swag Bucks” for things like searching, watching videos & browsing articles. You redeem those Swag Bucks for gift cards to places like Amazon, PayPal -- and yes, even to the movies. I like to save up my Swag Bucks for Amazon gift cards to help lower the cost of my monthly Subscribe & Save order, but I splurge on a Starbucks gift card occasionally!

Here’s how Swagbucks can help you can turn watching videos online into your watching movies in the theater for free: Earning 1,500 SB gets you enough for a $15 movie gift card from AMC or Regal Cinema!

Whether you’re on the go, at home, or stuck at a desk, here’s how you can get your $15 movie gift card in just 1 week:

  • SBTV mobile on Android & iOS: Earn up to 36 SB per day watching everything from food videos & news to Hulu clips & music videos - 252 SB
  • app on Android & iOS: Get 18 SB per day watching the latest movie trailers - 126 SB
  • EntertaiNOW app on Android & iOS (US only): You can also earn another 18 SB per day checking out news on movies and TV shows, behind-the-scenes interviews and celebrity gossip - 126 SB
  • SBTV on Desktop: Watch a little bit of everything, including Hulu clips & music videos, but with a higher earning cap of 150 SB per day - 1,050 SB

When you have a specific SB goal (like a $15 AMC or Regal Cinema gift card) and a plan of action, you’ll get gift cards faster and check out the newest action-comedy or Oscar-nominated drama without spending extra money. There are even more ways to earn SB online, so take a look around and see what works best for you. You don’t have to wait until the next blockbuster comes out to start saving up with Swagbucks!

Be sure to check out the newly updated Swagbucks page today for more tips to maximize your Swag Bucks earning potential!

Earn a $15 Movie Gift Card with Swagbucks in Just 1 Week! was first posted on May 30, 2015 at 10:47 am.

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Weekly Coupon Insert Preview: 5/31/15

Posted: 30 May 2015 07:30 AM PDT

Coupon Insert PreviewHere is a preview of the coupons in this week's newspaper insert. They've all been added to the Deal Seeking Mom Coupon Database as well!

Be sure to refer to the coupon insert schedule to see which inserts are included in each week's paper!

Please note that there are regional differences in coupons, and your newspaper may not have all of the same coupons or same values as listed below.

However, if there's a great coupon missing from your insert, you can always buy additional coupons from a coupon clipping service!

SmartSource (SS 05/31/15)

  • $5/1 Benzac Acne Solutions Regimen Kit, exp. 6/21/15
  • $3/1 Benzac Skin Balancing Foaming Cleanser, Intensive Spot Treatment or Blemish Clearing Hydrator, exp. 6/21/15
  • $1/4 Canine Carry Outs Dog Snacks, exp. 7/26/15
  • $3/1 Cetaphil Moisturizers with SPF, exp. 6/21/15
  • $2/1 Cetaphil Product, exp. 6/21/15
  • $4/1 Claritin, exp. 6/28/15
  • $3/1 Claritin Children's Product, exp. 6/28/15
  • $4/1 Claritin-D, exp. 6/28/15
  • $0.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste, exp. 6/13/15
  • $2/1 Crayola Color Wonder Coloring Pad & Markers, exp. 6/28/15
  • $1/1 Crayola Outdoor Colorfoam Products, exp. 6/28/15
  • $1/1 Dannon Light & Fit, Greek or Oikos, exp. 7/21/15
  • $2/1 Depend Bed or Seat Protectors, exp. 6/30/15
  • $3/1 Depend Product, exp. 6/30/15
  • $2/1 Depend Shields or Guards for Men, exp. 6/30/15
  • $0.50/1 Energizer Batteries or Flashlight, exp. 6/27/15
  • $1.50/1 Energizer EZ Turn & Lock Hearing Aid Batteries, exp. 6/27/15
  • $1.50/1 Energizer Ultimate Lithium, Advanced Lithium, Recharge Power Plus or Recharge Universal Batteries, exp. 6/27/15
  • $3/2 Ensure Multipacks, exp. 7/26/15
  • $1/1 Fat Hair Hair Care Product, exp. 9/30/15
  • $0.75/1 Frigo Cheese Heads Snack Cheese, exp. 7/12/15
  • $3/1 Gerber Formulas, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/2 Gerber Regular or Graduates Food, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/1 Hershey's Caramels, exp. 7/26/15
  • $4/1 Hydroxycut Pro Clinical, Gummies, Drink Mix, Max!, Pro Clinical Caffeine Free or Hardcore, exp. 7/31/15
  • $0.75/1 Jennie-O Turkey Burgers Package, exp. 7/27/15
  • $4/1 K-Y Liquibeads, exp. 7/31/15
  • $2/1 K-Y Product, exp. 7/31/15
  • $1/1 Kibbles 'N Bits Dry Dog Food, exp. 7/26/15
  • $1/2 Lancaster Soft Cremes Bags, exp. 7/26/15
  • $1/1 Milk-Bone Brushing Chews, exp. 7/26/15
  • $1/2 Milk-Bone Dog Snacks, exp. 7/26/15
  • $1/2 Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats, exp. 7/26/15
  • $1/1 Nonni's Thinaddictives, exp. 7/31/15
  • $1.50/1 Oxiclean Dishwasher Detergent, exp. 7/11/15
  • $3/1 Oxiclean Laundry Detergent, exp. 7/11/15
  • $0.50/1 Oxiclean Pre-Treater, exp. 6/20/15
  • $1/1 Oxiclean Versatile Stain Remover, exp. 6/20/15
  • $1/1 Oxiclean Washing Machine Cleaner, exp. 7/11/15
  • $1.50/1 Oxiclean White Revive Laundry Stain Remover, exp. 6/20/15
  • $3/1 Poise Pads or Liners, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/2 Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks, exp. 7/26/15
  • $2/1 Purely Inspired Product, exp. 7/31/15
  • $2/1 Reach Complete Care Mouth Rinse or Curve Brush, exp. 7/26/15
  • $1/1 Reach Toothbrush, exp. 7/26/15
  • $1/1 So Delicious Dairy Free Product, exp. 8/31/15
  • $1/1 Tillamook Ice Cream Product, exp. 7/12/15
  • $0.50/1 Wholly Guacamole Product, exp. 7/27/15
  • $1 off Yardley Bar Soaps or Shower Gel or Body Wash, exp. 7/12/15
  • $1/1 Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt, exp. 9/7/15

RedPlum (RP 05/31/15)

  • $5/1 Allegra Allergy or Allergy & Congestion Product, exp. 6/28/15
  • $1/1 Allegra Anti-Itch Cream, exp. 6/28/15
  • $3/1 Allegra Children's Allergy Liquid, Liquid or Oral Disintegrating Tablets, exp. 6/28/15
  • $1.50/1 Biotene Product, exp. 6/30/15
  • $4/1 Centrum Multigummies, exp. 6/14/15
  • $4/1 Centrum Regular or Silver Multivitamin, exp. 6/14/15
  • $1/1 Cortizone 10 Feminine Itch Item, exp. 7/25/15
  • $1/1 Cortizone 10 Item, exp. 7/25/15
  • $1/1 Emergen-C Vitamin Supplement Drink Mix, exp. 7/31/15
  • $1/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment Product, exp. 6/27/15
  • $1/1 Garnier Fructis Style, exp. 6/27/15
  • $2/1 Gillette Fusion, ProGlide or Mach3 or Venus Razor or Disposable, exp. 6/6/15
  • $1/1 Gold Bond, exp. 7/25/15
  • $1.50/1 Gold Bond Eczema Relief, Strength & Resilience, exp. 7/25/15
  • $1/1 Gold Bond First Aid Cream, exp. 7/25/15
  • $1/1 Gold Bond Lotion or Cream, exp. 7/25/15
  • $1/1 Gold Bond Medicated Foot Cream, exp. 7/25/15
  • $1/1 Gold Bond Powder or Powder Spray, exp. 7/25/15
  • $5/1 Icy Hot Smartrelief Back Starter Kit, exp. 8/31/15
  • $1/1 Icy Hot, Aspercreme, Capzasin, Arthritis Hot, Flexall, or Sportscreme Product, exp. 8/31/15
  • $3/1 L'Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue Haircolor Product, exp. 6/27/15
  • $2/1 L'Oreal Preference or Excellence Haircolor Product, exp. 6/27/15
  • $5/2 L'Oreal Preference or Excellence Haircolor Products, exp. 6/27/15
  • $6/1 Nasacort Allergy 24Hr, exp. 7/25/15
  • $4/1 Nasacort Allergy 24Hr, exp. 7/25/15
  • $10/1 Oral-B Deep Sweep or Professional 1000 Rechargeable Toothbrush, exp. 6/6/15
  • $2/1 Polident Denture Cleanser Tablets, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/1 SheaMoisture Bar Soap, exp. 8/15/15
  • $2/1 SheaMoisture Bubble Bath, Body, Baby or Hair Products, exp. 8/15/15
  • $1/1 Super Poligrip Product, exp. 6/30/15
  • FREE Target $5 Gift Card wyb $20 of Icy Hot, Rolaids, Act, Gold Bond, Nasacort, Cortizone-10, Aspercreme or Allegra, exp. 6/20/15
  • $3/1 Up & Up Naproxen, Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen, exp. 6/30/15
  • $3/1 Waggin' Train Package, exp. 7/31/15
  • $2/2 Waggin' Train Packages, exp. 7/31/15

Procter & Gamble (P&G 05/31/15)

  • $2/1 Always Discreet Liner or Pad Product, exp. 6/30/15
  • $2/1 Always Discreet Underwear Product, exp. 6/30/15
  • $0.50/1 Always Pads or Feminine Wipes Product, exp. 6/30/15
  • $0.50/1 Always Pantiliners, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/1 Always Radiant or Infinity Pads, exp. 6/30/15
  • $0.25/1 Bounty Product, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/2 Bounty Towels, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/1 Cascade Dishwasher Cleaner, exp. 6/30/15
  • $0.25/1 Charmin Product, exp. 6/30/15
  • $2/1 Clairol Hair Color, exp. 6/30/15
  • $5/2 Clairol Hair Color Boxes, exp. 6/14/15
  • $1/1 CoverGirl Product, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1.50/1 CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara, exp. 6/30/15
  • $5/1 Crest 3D White 1 Hour Express, Professional Effects, Professional Effects+1 Hour Express or Supreme Flexfit or Whitestrips, exp. 6/14/15
  • $1/1 Crest Toothpaste or Liquid Gel, exp. 6/30/15
  • $0.50/1 Duracell Coppertop, Quantum, Ultra Photo Lithium, Specialty Batteries, Rechargeable Batteries, Duracell Charger or Hearing Aid Batteries, exp. 6/30/15
  • $0.75/1 Fixodent Adhesive, exp. 6/30/15
  • $2/2 Fixodent Adhesive, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/2 Gillette Body Wash or Deodorant Products, exp. 6/30/15
  • $6 off Gillette Male Razor wyb Male Cartridge Pack, exp. 6/14/15
  • $3/2 Head & Shoulders Full Size Product, exp. 6/30/15
  • $0.35/1 Ivory or Safeguard Body Wash or Bar Pack, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1 off Luvs Diapers, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/1 Olay Body Wash, Bar Soap or In-Shower Body Lotion, exp. 6/30/15
  • $2/1 Olay Pro-X, Regenerist Facial Moisturizer or Facial Hair Removal, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/2 Old Spice Products, exp. 6/30/15
  • $5 off Old Spice Shampoo or 2-In-1 AND Styling Product, exp. 6/14/15
  • $2/1 Oral-B Adult Battery Toothbrush, exp. 6/30/15
  • $0.50/1 Oral-B Glide Floss or Glide Floss Picks, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1 off Oral-B Pulsar, 3D White, Pro-Health, Complete or Sensi-Soft or (2) Indicator or Cavity Defense Toothbrushes, exp. 6/30/15
  • $3/1 Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads, exp. 6/30/15
  • $3 off Pampers Bags or Box Easy Ups Training Pants or Underjams Absorbent Night Wear, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1.50 off Pampers Diapers or Pants, exp. 6/30/15
  • $2/1 Pampers Splashers Swim Pants, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/1 Pantene Expert Collection Product, exp. 6/30/15
  • $2/2 Pantene Products, exp. 6/30/15
  • $5/3 Pantene Products, exp. 6/30/15
  • $2/1 Pantene Styler or Treatment Product, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/1 Prilosec OTC Product, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/1 Scope, exp. 6/30/15
  • $2/1 Secret Clinical Antiperspirant/Deodorant, exp. 6/30/15
  • $2/2 Secret Outlast, Scent Expressions or Destinations Antiperspirants/Deodorants or Body Sprays, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/1 Tampax Pearl or Radiant Tampon, exp. 6/30/15
  • $0.50/1 Tampax Product, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/1 Tide Boost or Oxi, exp. 6/30/15
  • $0.75/1 Tide Boost, Oxi or Washing Machine Cleaner or Downy or Bounce, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/1 Tide Detergent, exp. 6/30/15
  • $3/2 Tide Detergents, Downy or Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/1 Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, exp. 6/30/15
  • $6 off Venus Razor wyb Blade Refill Pack, exp. 6/14/15
  • $3/1 Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Color, exp. 6/30/15
  • $1/1 Zzzquil Product, exp. 6/30/15

Which coupons are you most excited about? Do you see any that will make fantastic deals when combined with upcoming store deals?

Weekly Coupon Insert Preview: 5/31/15 was first posted on May 30, 2015 at 10:30 am.

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FREE Custom Photo Magnet, Address Labels or Pet Tag

Posted: 30 May 2015 05:30 AM PDT

Head over to Shutterfly where ALL customers can score a FREE Custom Photo Magnet - or choose a FREE Custom Address Labels or a FREE Custom Pet Tag!  Just use promo code MYPICK during checkout.

Here's how to get the FREEBIE of your choice:

  • Login or Register your new account at Shutterfly.
  • Choose either the magnet, address labels or pet tag (search in the top right to find it fast).
  • Upload your pictures and customize your project.
  • Then 'add to cart' to proceed to checkout.
  • Enter coupon code MYPICK during checkout to score your FREE gift!
  • Shipping and taxes will be added to your order.
  • Enjoy your FREE magnet, address labels or pet tag!

Offer expires May 31, 2015 (11:59 P.M. PT). Offer is good for one free magnet, one set of address labels or one pet tag through or our mobile-friendly site. Must select one of the three products listed. Offer cannot be redeemed more than once per account and/or billing address. This particular offer code can only be redeemed once. Taxes, shipping and handling will apply. Not valid on glass magnets, large luggage tags, prior purchases, orders placed for in-store pick up and purchases made on the Shutterfly apps. Valid for the intended recipient only. Cannot be redeemed for cash or combined with other offers or credits. Not valid for resale.

FREE Custom Photo Magnet, Address Labels or Pet Tag was first posted on May 30, 2015 at 8:30 am.

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