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Real-Time Google Analytics Data Validation with Google Tag Assistant Recordings


September 2015 Product Update


This month in Analytics: real-time validation of your data, new ways to view Multi-Channel Funnels reports, TV measurement by Adometry and more.

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New Features

Real-Time Data Validation with Google Tag Assistant Recordings

We've said it before and we'll say it again: great analytics can only happen with great data. That's why we've made it a priority to help our users confirm that their data is top-quality. Last year we released our automated diagnostics tool, and now we're proud to announce the launch of another powerful new feature: Google Tag Assistant Recordings.

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Fresher Google Analytics Conversions in AdWords

Many advertisers send GA goals or E-commerce transactions to AdWords as conversions. Historically, there could be a maximum delay of 48 hours before these conversions appeared in AdWords. Over the next few weeks, we're reducing this maximum delay to just 9 hours.

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Measure like never before with TV attribution by Adometry

TV attribution allows you to create even stronger connections with your customers by revealing how they think and act after exposure to your brand. Reveal unique insights into how your TV spend translates to online action, uncover actionable data in real time and Optimise your buy – all to position your brand for success.

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Tips & Best Practices

Affiliate Attribution: Putting the Pieces Together

Most affiliate managers have a similar goal as all marketing managers - to manage affiliate holistically, meaning investing in those that predominantly drive net-new customers independent of other paid marketing. Ultimately, this model allows them to Optimise CPA by managing commissions, coupon discounts, and brand appropriateness based on true “incremental value” provided to business.

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Speed, Focus, Smart Insights: Five Google Analytics Custom Reports

Custom reports allow you to deeply focus (by eliminating the non-essential metrics and dimensions, they save time and show just what you want). When shared, custom reports allow you to deliver deeper relevance. Custom reports also allow you to package up entire datasets for deeper analysis. In this post from, Googler Avinash Kaushik explores 5 custom reports that can help you get better insights, faster.

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Visualise Your Multi-Channel Funnels Data in a New Light with the MCF Web App

The Multi-Channel Funnels reports in Analytics answer important questions about your marketing, showing how your channels (i.e., sources of traffic to your website) work together to create sales and conversions. The team at Google Partner agency Growth created a free tool to visualise your MCF data in a new way that will help provide even more insights.

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Event Calendar

Learn about analytics from Googlers & partners at these upcoming events.

October 21, 2015


Analytics That Excite - Cincinnati, OH

This digital analytics conference will show you how to get the data you need to make the decisions you want. It will be valuable for all business functions and analytics knowledge levels. Attending this event will provide you the knowledge, resources and confidence you need to architect, deploy and act on your marketing data.

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October 21-22, 2015


Converge Conference - New Orleans

This is a leading digital conference for the higher education sector. Redesign your inbound website for the future of higher education marketing. Learn to attract, convert and delight your target audiences with search engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics, Google Analytics, social media engagement, digital advertising and all around great content. Oct 21-22 in New Orleans.

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